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Scéalta Eile

In case you are wondering, and no surprise if you are, “scéalta eile” means “other stories” in Irish or Gaelic.  Irish is a language of wonderful sounds and challenging complexity that I am still fond of, although my fluency has been impaired by five decades living in Canada.  In Dublin a certain fluency seems to return when stimulated by bilingual signs, television broadcasts on RTE, or a helping hand from Arthur Guinness.  It is worth noting that Irish has one characteristic that makes it absolutely unique among European languages: if you speak it in the company of Ulster Unionists, they immediately begin foaming at the mouth.  If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself on your next visit to Belfast.

On this page you will find occasional essays, commentaries, and miscellaneous scribblings on topics of interest to me.  My aim is to inform, provoke, and occasionally entertain.  Some might call it a blog, but I think it an ugly word that is best avoided.  Scéalta eile will do just fine.

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